GENERAL nighttime visit

01 - L’Ull del Montsec (guided visit):

It is a digital multimedia planetarium with a retractable cupola measuring 12 meters in diameter. Here you can watch the new film Pyrenees La Nuit, which allows you to discover the night of the Pyrenees and the problems of Light Pollution.

The showing is completed with an explanation of the night sky and the opening of the cupola to observe the real sky and to identify some of the most relevant objects of the night assisted by an instructor.



 02 - El Parc de Telescopis (guided visit):


It is COU's observation site where visitors can learn about the different equipment. In addition to this, if the weather makes it possible, visitors can observe some of the most outstanding objects of the night, such as the Moon, the planets, nebulae...



 03 - Exhibition on astronomy Sala Starlight (selfguided visit):

COU's main building houses a permanent exhibition on several fields: astronomy and the space sciences in the Hall of the Universe and also devotes a space to the protection of the nightlife against light pollution in the Sala Starlight.