sessions on demand

   01 - Observations on demand:


Observation session at COU's Parc de Telescopis' cupolas. The objects to be observed and the techniques to be used will be previously agreed by the visitors and the instructors. You can have an overview of the visible planets at night or take pictures [E1] of galaxies or nebulae, among other things. It is possible to bring your own instruments if they are compatible with the telescopes installed at the centre and they don't affect their performance. Visits must be arranged in advance. Visits for groups up to 40 people. Price: 250 € per 20 people (2 hour session).

   02 - Planetarium  on demand:


Customized planetarium session carried out manually by Consorci del Montsec's scientific director. The contents of the session are previously agreed and they can include a journey around the universe, a review of the physical laws controlling the stars' motion or the discovery of the sky from other times or places. Visits must be arranged in advance. Visits for groups up to 68 people. Price: 500 € (the session lasts 1 hour 30 minutes).

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