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What is the P.A.M. ?

Parc Astronòmic Montsec (PAM) is an initiative of the Government of Catalonia to take advantage of the skills and potential of the Montsec area for research, training and dissemination of science, especially astronomy.


The PAM takes advantage of unique characteristics that make the Montsec the most appropriate place in Catalonia for the installation of a reference center. In order to take full advantage of an astronomical installation, the environment must meet conditions that favor its performance and exploitation. It is necessary, above all, to evaluate the quality of the images that can be obtained (study of the stability of the image or seeing), the meteorological conditions and the affectation of the light pollution of the place.


The Centre d’Observació de l’Univers (COU), located in the municipality of Àger and managed by Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC), is a great entertainment space and is a reference site in Catalonia for teaching and dissemination of astronomy and space sciences. The COU is a link between public and scientific knowledge, bringing the visitor to the exciting world of science and the discovery of Montsec environment.

The COU consists of three main structures:


Main Building:


Where there is the reception and administration, the permanent exhibition, the workshop classrooms, the computer room and other services.

Parc de Telescopis:

It is the space reserved for the observation of the sky, both night and day. The Park consists of three buildings with observation domes that contain three automatic telescopes, a coelostat for solar observation and a set of portable telescopes. 

Ull del Montsec:

It is a unique facility in the world, being both a 3D multimedia digital planetarium and a platform for live sky observation. Its 12 meters diameter dome and front wall open completely ,leaving the visitor under the spectacular sky of Montsec.

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