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Pyrenees La Nuit: Pyrenean strategy for the protection and improvement of the quality of the night environment

2nd Call for projects  · INTERREG VA ESPAÑA-FRANCE-ANDORRA ·  POCTEFA 2014-2020

Program financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER)


Head of rows of the Project: NICDO - Pamplona Planetarium

Project partners: Consell Comarcal de la Noguera, NICDO - Planetario de Pamplona, Gestión Ambiental de Navarra SA, Pic du Midi, À Ciel Ouvert and CPIE 65

Project number and acronym: EFA 233/16 PLN

Total budget: €4,146,689.68

Implementation period: 2017-2020


Pyrenees La Nuit aims to improve the quality of transboundary ecosystems by protecting and improving a very specific aspect: the natural darkness at night.

The increase in light pollution means the loss of this natural value which is, at the same time, a determining natural factor in the state of biodiversity, ecosystems and people's health.

The final and main result is the development of a strategy for the protection and improvement of the quality of the nocturnal environment that also serves as a reference and roadmap for other enclaves or areas that want to address the same problem.



The general objective of the project is to protect and improve the natural darkness of the Pyrenees, as a quality factor for ecosystems and biodiversity.

The specific objectives are:

  • Understand the effect of alteration of natural darkness on the environment and determine standards and tools for monitoring and evaluation.

  • Transmit and raise awareness about the relevance and cultural and environmental value of the natural conditions of the night.

  • Develop a cross-border strategy that promotes good practices in the use of artificial light for the protection and recognition of the nocturnal environment.

  • In addition to preparatory actions (0) and project management (1), this includes the following




1. Development of PLN's Communication Plan

2. Development of the project's communication tools

3. Elaboration of dissemination materials for the project's activities

4. Dissemination and monitoring of the impact of the project in the media

Analysis and monitoring of the state of natural darkness in the Pyrenees and its impact on biodiversity

1. Measurement of the darkness of the Pyrenean sky

2. Campaigns for comparison of measuring instruments

3. Studies of the impact of light pollution on different groups of endangered fauna species in the Pyrenees

      Nocturnal Epidotes

    - Bats

    - Land mammals

 4. Modeling application development

  5. Hosting and attendance at international/worldwide conferences

Disclosure actions for awareness as a pillar for environmental protection

  1. Rehabilitation and conditioning of the Pic de Midi Observatory House “Casa de la Nit”

  2. Installation of a planetary digital system

  3. Production of fixed and traveling exhibitions

  4. Audiovisual production

  5. Animation and mediation activities


Implementation and development of the Pyrenees strategy and positioning of the Pyrenees as references in the protection of the natural darkness of the night

  1. Support for setting up nocturnal green corridors

  2. Certification processes

  3. Valorization of certifications

  4. Signage of certified spaces

  5. Habilitation of Pyrenean viewpoints

  6. Nocturnal urban park authorisation

  7. Formation and launch of the working group to draft the Pyrenees strategy

  8. Edition of a guide of recommendations and good practices in the field of lighting

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